Holiday lights, jolly smiles, snow on the ground...

There are so many things to love about the holidays and one of my favourites things is Holiday Mini Sessions! This year, Beholden Event Design & Decor put together a beautiful set for us at The Distillery Venue.

Sibling love.

This lovely group were first up and truly the best way to begin my day. Guided by their stunning mama and oldest sister, it was a session of joy. From the connection they had with each other, to the laughter that rang through the venue, and the fun that we had, this session holds a special place in my heart.

Dynamic duo.

From the moment they walked into the venue, it was clear that this mama was the apple of her daughter's eye and vice versa. It was a whirlwind of dancing, laughter, posing, and sweet connection that is sacred between a mama and her daughter. They both rolled with whatever direction I gave them and the results were delightful.

Coordinated trio.

There is just something about matching holiday PJ's (especially buffalo plaid) that really gets me in the festive spirit of the season! This sweet family were easygoing and wonderful to work with. It was such an honour and privilege to capture that clear adoration between these three.

What's better than one dog? Two!

To say that I was beyond THRILLED to see this gorgeous family enter the venue with two fur babies in tow would be this years biggest understatement. The entire family was dressed up in their holiday best and we got a fun variety of photos...and as always, I like to make sure Mom & Dad get a photo of just the two of them!

...more doggos!

This wonderful friend group came together, each with a very well behaved dog with them! There were so many great photos from this session and teamwork to get everyone to look at the same time and as you can see, our efforts paid off. See below for a glimpse of this amazing session of holiday cheer!

True love.

When this couple showed up with matching PJ's and all smiles, I knew it would be wonderful. Their love and respect for one another was present in every single moment together in front of the camera and because of this, it was a relaxing vibe from start to finish.

Family fun.

This beautiful family was so much fun! We made faces, laughed, ran around, and I loved how their outfits complimented one another so perfectly. It was great to see two brothers who were also the best of friends have the best time with their parents, making these priceless memories.

The grande finale.

To bring the Holiday Minis to a close, I was blessed to have this family come do a session with me. Evening was falling and the lights were aglow, bringing about a cozy feeling inside The Distillery Venue. It was smooth sailing as the parents, who doubled as my assistants, worked with me to capture the cutest shots!

Thank you!

To all who came out and joined me this year, it was a pleasure to get to know you all. If you thought about coming out but couldn't make it this year, join me next time.