Sage & Solace Farm.

Tucked away in the beautiful heart of Langley, is 20 lush acres of paradise. Complete with so many beautiful spaces to help creatives make their visions come to life and even two Airbnb suites to rent, it's easy to see why this was the perfect venue for Tourism Langley's 2022 Sun & Soil Concert.

Sage & Solace Farm


With an eye for detail and beautiful vintage pieces to compliment the contemporary retro style of their farm, there was so much Barb & Karl had put together to see. The first thing that caught my eye was this beautiful table that looked like it came right out of a Jane Austen novel. It was nothing short of exquisite.

Boho On The Go.

Imagine my delight when I looked up from the table to see this STUNNING '74 Boler in the distance. Adorned with a colourful array of gorgeous flowers right from the farm and various elegant pieces of drinkware and lights, this stunning vintage vehicle from Boho On The Go was sure to be a tremendous hit with the guests.

Back to the barn.

After admiring the Boler, it was back to the barn to check out more of the amazing details that brought everything together. The chickens and the dog were just a huge plus!

Red or white?

Upon arrival, a bottle of wine was yours to collect, courtesy of Langley's very own Backyard Vineyards.

Backyard Vineyards have been producing the best of BC wine, ensuring they use only top tier fruits from the Fraser Valley and the Okanagan for the greatest result. They have been winning awards since 2010 because really, their wine speaks for itself.

Tourism Langley.

This was the first Sun & Soil concert for Langley and a Fraser Valley event series that they were so very passionate about joining and bringing to the wonderful people of Langley to enjoy.

They're here!

The guests started to show up and before you knew it, the line was long and rapidly moving while everyone checked in.

Picking up a Salt & Thyme Charcuterie box


A charcuterie box for two was provided from Salt & Thyme and as you all know, Chef Adrian Beaty never ceases to amaze me with the impeccable food he creates.

About to begin.

After checking in, the guests went over to the beautiful concert area to grab a spot as the band warmed up. Would you just look at this entrance way?!

Kyler Pierce


There were so many beautiful spots to sit and listen to the music with your loved ones while taking in the blissful atmosphere.

Hit it!

Kyler Pierce and his band started to play and we all collectively relaxed.

Captivated audience.

With the sun shining down on us, endless fields of flowers, and music filling the air, it felt like heaven on earth.


After their first set, it was time for the band to break and for the guests to explore!

Games, views, & more!

There were lawn games, farm animals, a pond with geese, the beautiful acreage to walk, and so many areas for a quick little photo shoot.

Beloved guests.

A few photos of the lovely guests that I had the pleasure of meeting. Everyone was full of smiles and laughter, enjoying the many delights that Sage & Solace has to offer.

Golden hour.

My favourite time of the day arrived and the soft summer glow of the evening sun gently shone down on us, while a flock of birds flew overhead.

Evening show.

The band began their second set as the sun began to set and the view was just incredible as they played.


It was so clear that this wonderful group of musicians were so in tune with eachother. Their sound and energy was effortless.

Dancing queens.

Some guests broke out some of their dance moves and even the sweet farm dog, Zina, came to join!

The ambience.

As the skies grew darker, we were all pleasantly surprised when a beautiful lights display lit up the band and they played their final song.

Birthday gal.

After the band finished their final song, they joined us in serenading Barb of Sage & Solace Farm with a resounding rendition of, "Happy Birthday"!

Thank you all!

Thank you to everyone who came and made this such an incredible night! Thank you for the laughter, the smiles, and the memories. Below you will find the vendors who helped make this event possible that didn't have their website listed above, click on their photo to find out more about them!

Until next time folks!

Tourism Langley

Boho On The Go

Backyard Vineyards

Sage & Solace Farm