For you.

If you too face anxiety of depression in your life, I urge you to conjure up the strength I promise that you have and the courage I know is underneath the overwhelming, crushing, heaviness you feel, and to GO OUTSIDE.

If you're like me, sometimes sitting inside is all you feel you can handle because if you go outside, you'll have to go outside of your comfort zone, this bubble you've built.

You'll have to talk to people.

You might have to try something new, new things that you could possibly fail at.

People might see you in your summer clothes or bathing suite and make rude comments because sometimes people can be cruel.

If you're like me, you might dread going out in anything less than a long sleeve and pants because there are not enough clothes in this world to cover up how insecure you feel most of the time and anyone seeing you in anything less than that is the scariest thing.

If you're like me, you might not feel comfortable in your own skin because all of these things have at one point defined you and the relationships in your life.

But you know what conquers these fears that feed the monsters that are anxiety, addiction, and depression?

The great outdoors.

Trying new things.

Reaching out to those who love you and fight for you to be the best version of yourself.

Find joy in the natural simplicity of everyday things that life has to offer.

Do nice things for people without expecting anything in return.

Speak the truth in love.

Hold onto your compassionate heart.

You don't recognize yourself because you're looking all of these things in the eye and fighting back instead of staying down and letting fear consume you like the amazing warrior you are.

Because when we choose to look past the fear and stop comparing ourselves to those we deem to be or looking perfect, you'll discover peace and JOY.

It's not going to feel comfortable, it's not going to feel easy but when we push ourselves towards these new ventures, we choose life every time.