Sunshine on our shoulders.

It was a perfect August day that greeted us Thursday, August 5th for the Farm Fresh Summer Bouquet workshop.

As Laura Brandt of Heirloom Florals and I arrived, we were met with a warm welcome from Barb of Early Bird Family Farms. She is the sort of person that immediately makes you feel at home with her bright smile and upbeat energy. After chatting for a little bit, we decided it was time to get to get everything prepared for the workshop.

Floral heaven.

This is truly the only way I can describe how I felt looking through the gorgeous organic flowers picked fresh from the farm surrounding me and knowing there were so many more in the gardens right outside of the barn.

Dream team.

As I explored and chatted with Barb & Laura, I watched as they put everything together and I have never witnessed a more natural team.

They moved at a steady pace, smiling and laughing, and creating magic while they did.

A photographer's dream.

I grabbed a couple shots of my favourite touches of love inside of the barn. Blue shelving with vintage pieces, roomy counterspace to work, dried bouquets hanging from the ceilings, goats around the corner, and curious chickens coming in and out of the barn...can I stay here?

The final steps.

After making sure that everything was ready to go in the barn, it was time to head out and transfer everything to the workshop area and set up there.

Tablecloths and buckets of flowers were put out on the tables...

And voila!

Everything was ready to go. Now for the workshop attendees to arrive!

Nice to meet you all.

After deciding between refreshing lavender lemonade or iced tea, the guests made their way around the workshop area and picked a table with a bucket of flowers and settled in.


Barb welcomed everyone to the Early Bird Family Farm and started out the workshop identifying the farm fresh flowers that would be used to make the beautiful bouquets.

Now, over to Laura.

She shared tips on how to use & balance the flowers and greenery provided to create the most stunning outcome for a bouquet.

Who better to learn from than a certified florist?!

A helping hand.

There was lots of questions and discussion that led to great creativity and amazing results!

The finished results!

The finished bouquets!

How stunning are these bouquets? The pictures speak for do these beautiful smiles!

A group photo and...

Laughter to end the evening!


A huge thank you to all who came out and joined us for a lovely summer evening of learning, connecting, and joy. We hope to see you next time!