Once upon a rainy afternoon...

The rain was coming down around gently as I walked up the elegant couple in front of me. We greeted one another and I was immediately charmed by the genuine warmth exuding from them. And better yet...today was their anniversary!


To start off this session, I asked Francine & José to please join hands and think back to their wedding day. To be more specific, to say vows they had said to each other on that day and asked that they take turns repeating a portion of those vows to one another. I stepped back while they did so and observed from a distance, capturing these precious moments with my camera.

A shared vision.

I love to send questionnaires before my couples sessions to connect on what story they what their session to tell. Part of the goal for this session was to capture not only the light but the dark of a relationship.

The drifting apart.

Wondering where, when, and if you'll find one another again.

I think it is a shared feeling, wondering if anyone sees you when times get hard.

Wondering if anyone can hear you.

But just remember...

Sometimes we drift apart only to find one another again.

And come back together stronger and more united than ever before.

Now, time for some fun!

I think part of relaxing in front of the camera to get the best shots possible, is doing something fun with your partner. When I asked José and Francine if they would be comfortable doing a lift, I made sure to keep click the shutter button to get their reaction to the question asked.

Look at that laughter, you can almost hear it through the pictures!


I just love how she is looking at him.

True love.

Francine looked like a real life princess in her wedding dress and every princess has her prince charming. Clearly José thought so too!

Their fairytale.

We walked out of the forest, along the path, and came to this beautiful spot. I asked them to wrap their arms around one another, lean in and touch foreheads together, and close their eyes.

The rain was falling down around us but for a moment, it felt like time had stopped. When they pulled apart, it reiterated exactly why I keep pressing my shutter after the pose is finished.


With the deep rich colours in the background and the trees making a perfect natural frame, it was like being caught in a Jane Austen novel.


I have often professed my love of movement during my sessions and because of this, I love to encourage couples to dance with one another while I observe and click away close by. There is something so special and intimate about watching people in love connect in this way.

I can count on you.

And last but not least, it was so clear to me that Francine and José are the very best of friends and love each other in a level that truly makes you believe without a shadow of a doubt...

...that fairytales do exist.

And they truly were the perfect example of the moments before, in between, and after the poses being where the natural love and authentic moments shine through.