The much awaited details of the stunning Gender Reveal at Sage & Solace Farm, that I had the honour of photographing for the loveliest couple.

Welcome to Amulya & Naveen's Gender Reveal


As many of you know, I am a strong believer in the details being key in any event. This welcome sign above being the perfect greeting piece to set an elegant tone.

Coming together.

Before the excited parents arrived, I went around capturing all the details I could. There were so many beautiful meaningful details and above, I've shared some of my favourites. From the vintage pram, to the baby booties, to the timbits, everything had been carefully thought out.

Honoured guests.

The guests started to arrive and I think this picture of these two beautiful friends explains just how exquisitely everything came together. See for yourself below!

Boy Or Girl?

Cake made by Precious Cakes

But that's not all.

A short distance away was the pièce de résistance!

Sign from Premesh Studio

The parents to be.

Amulya and Naveen were the excited parents. Amulya was a vision and Naveen could not take his eyes off of her!

Boy or girl?

There was the loveliest station for the guests to guess whether the baby was a boy or girl. There was a sense of unbridled joy as everyone mingled and shared a smile.

Let the games begin!

After everyone had some time to mingle, it was time for some games, followed by some food and drinks.

Photoshoot time.

I then whisked Amulya & Naveen away for a private photoshoot of their own as the sun began to set and the results were nothing short of amazing.

Sage & Solace Farm in Langley, BC

Almost time for the reveal...

We headed over to the main area by the Oh Baby sign to get a few last shots before the answer was revealed, just as the sun was beginning to set behind us.

And finally...it was time!

Love doesn't know distance.

Whether we are near or far from our family, they are always with us in our hearts. Such was the case with Amulya & Naveen, and we made sure to include everyone in the festivities, thank goodness for video calling!

There was first a balloon that had pink confetti but...

They were told this was not the final answer and were handed another item that would give them their answer in confetti.

But this was ALSO not the answer, they were told!

Just ask someone...but who?

Amulya & Naveen were then told that the way they would find out the gender of their baby was to ask around to their guests. They were not told who had the real answer but went to work asking their beloved guests. They were redirected around the crowd until finally...

They found a clue to the answer they had been seeking!

A note that said to look UP!


Thanks to this amazing couple for having me along for the ride for this incredible reveal.

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