The beginning.

I woke up on the morning of November 20th and looked outside to see a gorgeous day awaiting me. With a Starbucks in hand, it was off to Isssue Coworking Studio to make the magic of today happen!

Creating a floral vision.

We set up the statement piece, a beautiful black arch from Beholden Event Design & Decor, and Laura from Heirloom Florals set to work!

Italian Ruscus


Known for bringing the perfect simple yet elegant touch to floral arches, Italian ruscus never fails. It's warmth, length, and richness make it such a versatile addition for any occasion.

Magnolia Leaves


The perfect addition to complete our Holiday Session florals, Magnolia leaves have a unique identifying feature of having a pale green & rusty appearance underbelly and the top being a rich green. What better to tie it all it together?

Juniper Berries


Everyone knows it's all about the details that make for a perfect outcome and the Juniper Berries did just that for the arch.

Remarkably, they are not just a pretty sight but have also been known to boost the immune system, be a helping hand in preventing chronic disease, and are a known natural sleep remedy.

Snapdragons & White Roses


Interestingly enough, snapdragons are known by a few different names: lion's mouth, calf's snout, and toad's mouth. They are a symbol of grace under pressure and have a variety of colours that come with different meanings.

Paired with white roses, they were the exquisitely fragile beauty that completed this masterpiece.

Ready to go!

The first family to arrive were a beautiful couple and with their adorable 3.5 month old! From the moment they walked in, they were a natural team in ensuring their little one felt comfortable. To work with their family was to truly witness a family whose love runs so very deep for one another. It was an honour and truly the best way to start off the Holiday Sessions.


My second session was a couple and their two boys. From the second the entered, absolute joy filled the studio. We had so much fun creating different poses and catching all of the beautiful and raw emotion in between that makes for the best memories to look back at with fondness.

Holiday spirit.

This adorable trio held the beloved cheer that is everything I LOVE about the holidays. They came in ready to go and we had so much fun! Dancing and laughing, they were cheered on by a mom and aunt team who, all together, brought so so much love to this session.

The grand finale.

Last but certainly not least, I had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous family. Mom, dad, and their two lovely children made up this dynamite group! They were such good sports, so easy to work with, and made being parents of two look like a breeze to me, a momma of one!

Until next time!

Thanks to everyone who came out to my 2021 Holiday Sessions. It was an incredible experience to smile, dance, laugh, and connect with each of these wonderful families. A tremendous thanks to Laura from Heirloom Florals, Isssue Co. Studio, and Beholden Event Design & Decor for making this all possible.

If you'd like to reserve your spot for the 2022 Holiday Sessions, contact me! See you next year!