Hidden gem.

About 15-20 minutes up the road from the bustle and crowds of the gorgeous Harrison Hot Springs, lies a gorgeous picnic spot right on Harrison Lake...

Amazing, right?

Welcome to Sasquatch Provincial Park!

We walked up the winding trail (easy to navigate even with a jogging stroller) that went into the forest and came to a picnic bench a few minutes in that overlooked the water. We were in awe at how few people were there, especially having just come from Harrison Hot Springs!

There was so much space to swim, the mountains were in the distance, the water was shimmering like diamonds, and the sunshine was kissing everything with it's soft warm light.

But first, a quick break.

My passionate little Italian son had a few things to say while we enjoyed the shade before heading down to the water...and of course some love for Daddy and his grandparents!

Down to the water.

The water was so clear, truly like something from a tropical getaway but right here in our backyard in beautiful British Columbia. A little island nestled in the lake a short distance from shore and I found myself daydreaming about living there, just out of everyone's reach. Waking up everyday to the water, fishing, boating, and just generally living the life of my dreams out in nature with my loved ones.

Until next time.

Whether it's with your friends or your family, this is the perfect atmosphere for everyone. So next time you're heading down to visit Harrison Hot Springs for the day, be sure to look for this gorgeous spot. Bring a lunch, kick off your shoes, take a walk along the trail, and jump into the beautiful waters of refreshing Harrison Lake.