Headed off to paradise.

If you've heard of Harrison Hot Springs, you know that this is a popular tourist attraction in the Fraser Valley. Known for it's beautiful beaches, delicious food, and gorgeous mountain views, it's hard to beat.


This is the first word that comes to mind when arriving in the Village of Harrison Hot Springs. You have the mighty mountains looming over a bustling village, adorned with various shops & restaurants and best of all, Harrison Lake. This is the traditional territories of the Sts’ailes, Seabird Island, Sq’ewá:lxw, Cheam, Douglas, Leq’a:mel, Samahquam, Sq’ewlets, and Skatin First Nations.

The first stop.

There is a beautiful little swimming area a short distance from the main street and boy, did my family enjoy it! For my fellow parents out there, it is SO easy and manageable to monitor your children while also having fun yourself here.

But wait! What's that?

Further up the beach beyond the swimming area, to the left is the legendary Harrison Hot Springs Waterpark! Just take a look at how magical this is. Included in this inflatable masterpiece are swings, monkey bars, an obstacle course, a hamster ball, and more! Click on either picture for more information about the various deals and activities you can book for you & your loved ones!


Continuing to walk further up the beach and down a path that curves off to the right to another little beach is full of stunning views. There is a marina, wildlife, the sparking water, and no shortage of lush British Columbian mountains & trees.

Main street.

The Village of Harrison Hot Springs really gifts you the experience of living life in a beach town. It makes me think of some of my favourite movies like, "The Last Song" or "Blue Hawaii" and, even if for just a moment, I get to feel like the people in my favourite summer movies.

From burgers, to schnitzel, to pizza, to gelato...there is something for everyone!

Here are the places I would HIGHLY recommend checking out that have been consistently great in both quality and service for years:

The Black Forest Restaurant

Milos Greek Taverna

Chantilly Gelato & Ice Cream

Rocky Mountain Chocolate

I would highly recommend not rushing this experience, there is so much to see and explore!

Off to our second stop!

Once we had our fill of swimming and exploring the Village of Harrison Hot Springs, we drove off to our second destination and enjoyed some beautiful views on the way!

A true oasis.

After about 15 minutes of driving, we arrived at the stunning Sasquatch Provincial Park. Would you just look at this summer paradise?


I can't express how much my son, parents, and I enjoyed this beach. While the swimming area in the Village of Harrison Hot Springs was lovely, this beach reminded me fondly of hidden gems I have found hiking with my family. It was tucked away in the heart of a forest, with picnic benches and lots of room to float your worries away.


As the sun touched down on a perfect day, I felt so grateful to have such easy access to the beauty of the Harrison River Valley and the exquisite Village of Harrison Hot Springs. If I could suggest a laid back day trip for any individual, family, or group of friends, this would be number one on my list.

There is something for the nature lover, the sports enthusiast, the historian, the artist, the photographer, and so so much more!

Until next summer!

Arrivederci! Stay tuned for a look at what to do here in the fall!