By the time October 1st rolls around, I am ready to do ALL the fall activities with my family. Whether that's shopping for Halloween treats and costumes, taking note of the leaves changing colour, drinking and eating all things pumpkin while searching for the perfect one to carve, I love all things fall!


After finding parking, which was pleasantly easy on a weekday, we were immediately whisked into the fall magic that is Taves Family Farms. From the magnificent Pumpkin Tower, to hearing the farm animals in the distance, and the sound of people already enjoying themselves, you know that you are in for a fabulous time.


Right out front was a beautiful tractor, ready for children to explore with their parents. We couldn't get enough of it!

A jumping pillow?!

If you have never heard of a jumping pillow, well you are in for an unparalleled delight! Surrounded by animals and the bustle of activity in the main area, this is such a fun and unique activity for your little ones to do with you. They would be content to spend the entirety of their visit here and would still not be able to get enough. I would give this activity alone a 10/10.

Slide, anyone?

A climb up this fun little tower gives you the option of not one but TWO slides to go down. Though it is high, sliding is always better with a buddy if your child is feeling anxious and geared to not be out of control fast while on your way down. Just look at those smiles!


If you go up the same tower that you went up to access the slides but continue to go straight across a little walkway to another barn, you will get the most incredible 360 view of the farm.

Lots to see.

There's little trikes to play with in a safely gated area and an opportunity for an unobstructed shot for later to look back on.

But seriously...

Just look at the view!

A quick hello.

On your way down from the top of the tower, you have some precious goats to see along the way.

Which should we do first?

We let the little man decide and we went to...

...the corn maze!

It was not crowded and my little one had just the best time running through the towering corn stalk paths and exploring. Just look at him go!

The Pumpkin Path.

The most amazing part of visiting Taves Family Farms is their Pumpkin Path. It is one thing to see a picture but truly another to visit in person and see the impeccable attention to detail that went into setting up this stunning attraction.


This is simply the best place to get that flawless fall photo for your social media. From the hanging chair, to the quaint bridge, it is nothing short of spectacular. With pumpkins as far as the eye can see, this is a lovely attraction for everyone no matter what age!

Enter a Heading

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The details.

Would you just look at this fun signage, ready to assist you in the direction you want to go?!


These sweet ducks were enjoying the warm October sun and took a second to pose for the camera, haha!

Off to see the animals!

Something that I believe cannot be stressed enough for each and every person, is the importance of respecting animals and being gentle with them. The Taves Family Farm petting area is a wonderful example of how animals when, when treated this way, truly reflect that in how they treat us and especially the children.

Goats for days.

My son carefully made his way over to the middle of the circle of goats and sat down. He began softly petting them and the results were just so adorable.

Indoor animal friends.

After we finished with the goats, we headed indoors to end off our day trip and were greeted by a momma pig and her hungry piglets, and cute little bunnies. It is so special for your child to have this interactive experience with animals, big and small.

That's a wrap!

By the end of our visit, my son was tuckered out and beaming at me with his dirt streaked smile...the way it should be. So if you're wondering if Taves Family Farms is worth it, I can assure you that it certainly is.

You will have moments with your loved ones that are priceless, an affordable price for a day of fun, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Until next time!