I debated on whether or not to add this to my online store to share with the world as it is so very close to my heart. But I know I am not alone in this battle and hope this can be a source of hope or inspiration for others who have felt or feel this way.

The Fog

The colours of the earth seem to fade before my weary eyes

But I can't bring back it's brilliance

No matter how hard I try

As the fog settles in, I search for any signs of life

But everything's fragile and still

The silence cuts like a knife

I set off in a hurry, feet barely touching solid ground

I stumble, I fall to the earth

Yet I dare not make a sound

As the milky grey thickens around me, I sneak a timid breath

Something deep in my heart

Seems to feel the touch of death

But just when I feel the wolves are about to charge and close in on me

I am reminded to ask myself again

What this faceless fear could be?

Is it stronger than the mountains I have moved when I thought I'd wake up dead?

Is it stronger than the monsters I've conquered and slain that used to live inside my head?

Is it fear of being vulnerable and stuck in yet another lonely place?

As my mind starts to quiet and return to its usual beat

Something in me awakens

And refuses to admit defeat

With each new breath, my world that had vanished without a trace

Beats in its full majesty

Back to its normal pace

As the fog suddenly lifts and clears, I again pick up my feet

And remind myself again

How grateful I should be to be me.

Everytime i feel down, i look back at this as a reminder to myself about the absolute gift life is. to remind myself that by continually counting my blessings, i can conjure up the strength that doesn't just pick me back up onto my feet but that can move the mighty mountains.