"In order to see birds it is necessary to become part of the silence." Robert Lynd

This is a quote my Papà has repeated to me over the years from the beginning of our adventures together and still now in our present day.

I had lost the ability to let go and just be present in the moment.

My shoulders were wound up so tightly, if only so I could continue to carry the weight of the world on them

My heart was heavy, still freshly cracked and fragile from heartbreak, hastily and crudely put back together the best way my young self knew how.

And my mind heavy, with thoughts swirling around of both past failures and battles I had already lost that had not yet begun.

Yet little by little, I began to relax.

As soon as the noise of the city was left behind, I felt peace.

I could feel the tension leaving my shoulders.

My heart began to mend, putting the pieces back together where they were meant to go, stronger than ever before.

And the thoughts and fears that once consumed my thoughts started to become a distant memory.

Because when you go visit the world in it’s most natural state

And just listen and appreciate the beauty of its simplicity

You will discover what true joy, healing, and peace really is.

Here’s to it NEVER being too late to be the best version of yourself and never stopping your journey once you’ve begun.