Body image.

It's safe to say that a vast majority of people have struggled with body image and Hannah is no exception. Many of us have stood in front of the mirror and scrutinized every single inch from every single angle.

Hannah Marazzi


Hannah's mission is to provide a pre-loved fashion brand for all body types. Featuring thrifted and upcycled, these items are sourced and sent to customers in Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, Ottawa, and the United Kingdom.

The mission.

In Hannah's own journey to find pieces that are affordable, body positive, and coherent with my desire to be environmentally conscious, she has been looking for alternative spaces to celebrate fashion. This brand is her hope to bring all of you into this journey with her.

Join her.

Contact Hannah through the link below to join her in creating this necessary safe space for us all to feel comfortable and beautiful in our own skin. We are all at different points along our self love journey and when we come together to help lift one another up, we are unstoppable.